S.H.E home elevator finishes


The floors are made of polyurethane sheet, imitation wood 4 mm thick.

They are non-slip floors made according to the regulations (DIN 51130: 2014-02), ideal for the use of people with mobility problems.

They are non-flammable (standard EN13501-01), and have anti-static properties incorporated (EN 1815).

Standard color range*: 

Car panels

The interior of the car is formed by composite panels of great resistance.

  • Side panels

SHE car panel shave an outer layer of aluminum alloy 3005/3105/5005 and are lacquered with the highest quality paint (fluorinated polyvinyl), offering a high resistance to aging.

The manufacture of the composite panel follows a controlled process through rigorous testing and quality controls.

They have been developed to meet the highest requirements of the current regulations against fire. Its inner core of thermoplastic resins (low density polyethylene and fire retardant) has fire classification B-S1, d0 according to the UNE-EN-13501-1: 2007 standard.

Regarding the range of possible colors, the standard model is lacquered with white paint. But there is the possibility of selecting the pantone color you want, personalizing the single-family elevator, to suit each client.

Acabados ascensor unifamiliar: colores de cabina
  • Background panel

The design is part of the essence of SHE, so every year we make new proposals for the background panel. Currently, the standard options available are:

  • Customizable background panel

We adapt to your likes and preferences! You have the possibility to customize the background panel of the elevator with your favorite image or the one which best fits the decoration of your home.

Button panel

We have two models of button panels, both with two widths to choose from:

  • Folded stainless steel plate 12 mm thick for a width of 201.
  • Folded stainless steel plate 1 mm thick for a width of 101.

Wall fixing, without masonry work. Finished in satin stainless steel and polished stainless steel.

The car button panel incorporates a LCD display and backlit buttons.

Lighting system

SHE single-family elevators are configured to be fully efficient. For this reason, the car incorporates a LED spotlights system with auto-off, so that they are only lit if the elevator is in use, which will contribute to saving energy in the home.


Tubular handrail in stainless steel.


Types of doors available:

  • Semi-automatic

The semi-automatic door can incorporate a peephole or not (blind door), in both cases the finish is in primer, with color to choose.

  • Automatic

The automatic doors are finished in stainless steel.

Installation options in self-supporting structure

Estructura exterior chapa


Estructura exterior cristal matizado

Frosted glass

Estructura exterior cristal transparente