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The home lift
for your home

Low power consumption and innovative design,
joining forces to make your home accessible.

Innovation and R&D combining to create a single-phase electric home lift, designed for the comfort of your home.

Low power consumption

This lift’s low power consumption means that it can be regarded like any other electrical household appliance – you don’t need to change your electricity service agreement to increase the power level.

Quick installation

The SHE, as a whole, is designed to be installable in less than one week.

Optimised space

Its design, which features no counterweight, makes it possible to better utilise the space where the lift is installed – thus allowing us to use larger-sized lift cars.


Option of customising the finish of the lift car, adapting it to the style of the home it is in.

Lower consumption than the majority of electrical household appliances

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Make your home accessible

The SHE is the ideal solution for making your home accessible. Make the most of the available spaces in your home – whether in anticipation of the future, or to provide an immediate solution to problems of reduced mobility.

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Customisable home lift

Customise based on your tastes and preferences! You can choose the interior finish of the lift car, or even personalise it with a photograph. The lift’s aesthetic aspects allow it to fit perfectly fit into the home environment – thus also providing added value when the home is revaluated.

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Install a S.H.E in your workplace

The installation of a slow-speed lift offers a solution to accessibility problems in your workplace. In this way, you can maintain compliance with current regulations on mandatory accessibility in the workplace.

Customisation of the lift car with your corporate colours and company logo makes the SHE lift an ideal lift for boosting your brand image.

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