Lift Installer, put an end to your problems when installing a home lift

Tired of home lifts installation setbacks? SHE-Elevator comes to change your life with the sole purpose of making your work easier and guaranteeing the satisfaction of your customers. How? Through its design, qualities and services behind each SHE-Elevator. Let’s take an in-depth look at the reasons why our domestic elevator is made for you.

Record time installation, with fewer operators

SHE-Elevator has been designed to have a simple assembly that allows it to be installed in less than a week and with half the operators required by a conventional home lift. This is possible thanks to the optimisation of its components, by combining all the necessary parts in the same package and also thanks to the assembly tutorials.

Clear and precise information in our assembly manual

To ease maintenance tasks, the lift ceiling is walkable

Unlike the competition, you will find together with the SHE-Elevator a simple assembly manual with plans and drawings with the steps to follow and the necessary tools for each action. In this way, assembly is streamlined and, as far as possible, we diminish doubts that could arise during the installation of the home elevator that slow down the work of the operators.

Detail inside cab

Engineering assistance service. 

A SHE-Elevator technician on your first assembly.

Despite the fact that our domestic elevator carries the aforementioned assembly manual, at SHE-Elevator we are not satisfied with it alone and we put at your disposal an engineering assistance service. One of our technicians will accompany you during your first assembly, solving any doubts that may arise and showing you how to do it.

Training for your installation staff / assembly operators

So that the SHE-Elevator installations that you carry out are a success from day one, thus guaranteeing the satisfaction of your customers by having the home lift in their home in less time, we make available for your employees a training plan, in which they will learn everything they need to carry out during their tasks in an agile and simple way, optimizing at the same time the time and the service provided.

SHE-Elevator for workplaces

Shipment in a single package

Many times, elevator companies have problems receiving all the parts required for the installation of lifts in houses, since not all arrive from the same supplier and sometimes there are delays. Aware of this, the SHE-Elevator is shipped in a single package. Consequently, its installation is eased and we avoid losing parts. In addition, the components are arranged inside the package according to their use in the assembly process.

If you are tired of the home lift installation being an odyssey that brings with it headaches, you have the solution to your problems in front of you. If you need to expand the information about our SHE-Elevator domestic elevator or want to start marketing it, contact us and we will assist you with no obligation.

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