Small elevators for homes

S.H.E 001

The foremost feature of the home lift S.H.E-001 is that it doesn’t have lift car doors, so its operation is done through the continuous push of a button. Additionally, the landing doors are semi-automatic.

It is designed to be installed in spaces with less room. It only needs a an area of a bit more than 1×1 m (width x depth) for the shaft. It is a single-phase, low-consumption electric home lift that does not require counterweights or a machine room. It can be used without the need to increase a home’s electrical output. You can choose the finish, or personalise the car’s panel.

small elevators
Finishes for S.H.E home lifts
Small elevators. Home lift for small spaces
Car pannels home elevator
carga máxima ascensor para casas S.H.E



velocidad ascensores para casa

0,15 M/S


numero de personas máximo ascensor unifamiliar S.H.E



recorrido máximo ascensor unifamiliar S.H.E



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home lift with automatic doors

Home lift with automatic doors

Home lifts, adapted for people with reduced mobility

Adapted for people with reduced mobility

Home lift for small spaces 1

Small elevators

SHE-Elevator electric elevators are ideal for houses, as they are small and do not require a machine room or counterweight, which allows them to be located in very small spaces without any problem.

Small elevators for homes

When installing an elevator in a home, one of the main concerns that families have is knowing if they have enough space. If you are looking for a small elevator that fits anywhere, you have found the right one. To install our small elevator in your house you will only need to have a 1m2 shaft. We take care of the rest.

A small elevator does not have to be synonymous with claustrophobia. At SHE-Elevator we manage to make your elevator trip pleasant thanks to its innovative design and the features that provide comfort with every movement.

Small elevators. 100% guaranteed security.

SHE-Elevator small home elevators have a safety plus compared to other domestic elevators, as they have certain components of conventional elevators. They are designed in accordance with the machinery regulations but some of their mechanisms are oversized, such as the cables that make up the inside of the belt, which are based on the EN 81-41 standard for higher speed elevators

They have the CE Marking, meeting all the requirements demanded by the European Union, both legal and technical, in terms of safety.

Customized elevators

At SHE-Elevator we adapt to your needs. Therefore, you can choose between three different models and customize them, choosing the finishes and qualities to meet your tastes and expectations. You can even choose a personal photo for the  car front panel that will accompany you throughout the tour, we also have a model suitable for people with reduced mobility.

With this, it will be in your hands to decide whether to make the elevator go unnoticed in your home or, on the contrary, to make it the protagonist of the house. Our experts can advise you if you have doubts when making decisions.

Can you install small elevators for neighborhood communities or buildings?

The answer is clear, NO! This type of elevators or elevators for houses are designed for a lower use flow than that of conventional elevators. Their manufacture and installation, maintenance and safety are governed by their own regulations, so they are not suitable for installation in buildings in neighboring communities.