Lifts for hotels

Almost all new buildings are built with elevators, but older buildings usually don’t have them. If you have an lift in your hotel or country home, your stay will be enhanced by the added mobility.

Why install a SHE-Elevator lift
in your hotel

More affordable than a conventional elevator

Both the cost of the device and the electrical consumption, the technical requirements and investment in maintenance, are more affordable compared to conventional elevators.

It uses as much power as a home appliance

By optimising its parts and design, we have developed a power-efficient home lift that requires a similar amount of energy as other appliances you might regularly use. 

Hotel elevators 1
Hotel elevators 2

Make your hotel more accessible

Installing an lift ensures that everyone staying at your establishment are included. It also allows you to comply with current legislation and improves your guests’ experience.

Maximum convenience and comfort

Having a home lift is an investment in the future that will improve your quality of life. It is the most convenient and comfortable way of accessing upper floors safely and independently.

Custom finishes

We offer a broad range of options for customising the finish of your elevator to integrate it in your hotel in an elegant and stylish way, without affecting your interior design.

Space efficient

You can install our elevators almost anywhere. Since they don’t need a counterweight, and thanks to their compact design, they don’t need a shaft or engine room. 

ascensores unifamiliares acabados personalizados

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Examples of hotel lifts installations

Ascensores para adosados

Elevators for
country homes

Hotel elevators 3

Elevators for

ascensores para chalets en el interior

Elevators for
smaller accommodation

Hotel elevators 4

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What do our clients say about us?

We have installed an elevator at home and we are very happy with it. The team was very professionals and very responsive to our queries.


Appreciated the service we received and continued availability. We are very happy with the installed elevator.


We one hundred percent recommend the business and the installer. They were very quick to resolve all our queries.