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Home elevators

The electric home lift with a low consumption

The S.H.E-Elevator is a single-phase electric home elevator that is quick and easy to install, with features surpassing those of other lifts for private homes. It consumes little power, it is accessible and environmentally friendly, and its design can be customised.

S.H.E-Elevator are single-phase electric home elevators that are quick and easy to install. They are consumes little power and their design can be customised.

Why are our home elevators different?

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Low consumption

Consumption lower than household appliances​. It’s not necessary to change the contracted power.

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Quick installation

SHE-elevator, as a whole, has been designed to be installed in less than a week.

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Optimize space

Its design without counterweight, allows us to expand the useful surface, achieving greater car dimensions.

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Possibility of customizing the finish of the car adapting it to the style of the house.


SHE 001

home lifts

Specially designed for installation in very confined spaces. Ideal for small gaps.

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home elevator

Conventional model. Great comfort of movement with an unbeatable quality / price.

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home elevators

 Home lift model has automatic car doors.

SHE 004

home lift

Adapted model to use for people with functional diversity. It has automatic car doors.

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Meet the home lift SHE-Elevator

Home elevators for confined spaces

How much power does the S.H.E home lift consume?

Thanks to its design and the optimisation of each of its elements, we have achieved a low-consumption, single-phase electric lift, fully adapted for domestic use.

low consumption

How many days are required for installation?

S.H.E-Elevator is revolutionary in regards to its installation time and the labour needed for assembly. Thanks to the optimisation of its components and careful thought about the assembly process, the SHE can be installed and put into operation in less than a week.

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Innovative design

Its innovative and ergonomic design, with refined lines and making use of state-of-the-art materials, provides absolute integration with your home. A wide range of finishes to choose from, and even options for personalising the car.

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Ideal for small spaces

Optimised space. Its design, which features no counterweight, makes it possible to better utilise the space where the home elevator is installed – thus allowing us to use larger-sized lift cars.

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Be part of the design

Customise based on your tastes and preferences – you can choose the interior finish of the lift car, or even personalise it with a photograph. The lift’s aesthetic aspects allow it to fit perfectly fit into the home environment – thus also providing added value when the home is revaluated.

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A solution for accessibility

Our accessible home lift model is intended to be used by people with reduced mobility, and features backlit braille buttons, anti-slip flooring, gaps and protections.

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How expensive is it to install an elevator at home?

How expensive is it to install an elevator at home?

The price of a home lift is one of the main factors taken into account when finally installing or not an elevator at home. However,nowadays this has stopped being a constraint, as the latest generation technology has made it possible to lower the cost of having a house elevator. In addition, there are grants and subsidies to eliminate architectural barriers in homes, whether they are residential buildings or private houses.

How much does home elevators cost?

How much does home elevators cost?

You cannot establish a fixed price, as it depends on the configuration chosen in each case, since we manufacture bespoke units. You can choose different combinations of finishes for both the floor and the car panels, the control panel , the lighting or the handrail, and even the type of doors. On the other hand, a decisive factor is also the need or not to adapt the space to the elevator. Although it is increasingly common for new construction homes to have a space reserved so that these can be installed in the future, older houses sometimes do not meet the shaft dimensions requirements. Therefore, it will not be the same price if extraordinary works are required as if there is already a minimum shaft of 1m2 for its installation. It will also depend on the type of elevator you decide to install. In the current market there are different models of home elevators, the most common being hydraulic and electric, and to a lesser extent pneumatic elevators. To sum up, to know the exact price of a house elevator, a preliminary study by the elevator company that is going to proceed with its installation would be necessary, in which the technician would determine the necessary work and calculate the value according to the client’s needs. . At SHE-Elevator you can request your budget for free and without any commitment.

Is it possible to install a home lift without a pit?

Is it possible to install a home lift without a pit?

When it comes to home lifts or home elevators, the pit sometimes does not exist or is small, so the works necessary for it are limited to eliminating part of the pavement. At SHE-Elevator, our home elevators only require a 19 cm pit to be installed in homes.

Do I have to change the electrical installation for your installation?

Do I have to change the electrical installation for your installation?

SHE-Elevator is a low consumption home lift that works through a single-phase power supply, so it will not be necessary to change the electrical installation of the house. S.H.E home elevators make it easy for you.

What are the measurements of a house elevator or home elevator?

What are the measurements of a house elevator or home elevator?

If we speak about the measurements of a house elevator or home elevator, it may refer to the minimum space needed in a home to be able to install it, or the dimensions of the car. The home lifts are manufactured in bespoke sizes, however there are minimum dimensions for the shaft and the car. Regarding the minimum shaft, this would be 1110 × 950 mm and for the car it would be 800 x 800 mm. If the elevator is to be used by a person with reduced mobility, the minimum shaft would be 1230 × 1220 mm and that of the car will be 900 × 1000 mm. It measures that this type of elevators are perfectly installable in single-family types of homes.