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Electric lifts for homes

Over time, stairs can become a problem in homes with multiple floors. At SHE-Elevator we make easy-to-install single phase electric lift for homes.

An accessibility solution to improve mobility between the different floors in your home. It is environmentally friendly, power efficient, and more affordable than other options on the market.

What sets our electric home lifts apart?

Low power consumption

How much power do home lifts from SHE-Elevator need?

Thanks to its design and the optimisation of each element, we have designed a low power, electric elevators for homes that is fully adapted for domestic use. Think of it as just another appliance, since its power consumption levels are similar.

Quick to install

How many days are required for the installation?

All the components and the assembly and start-up process for the electric lifts for homes from SHE-Elevator are optimised to require as little installation time as possible and the least number of operators to assemble it. This avoids extended work times.

Home lift 1
Home lift 2

Optimised space

Our household lifts are the perfect solution for private homes with little space. The counterweight-free design allows for better use of the area allocated to the installation of the elevator, so it’s possible to have a larger cabin compared to other domestic house lifts.

Innovative design

The quality of the latest-generation materials used in its manufacture, along with the clean lines of its design, and the possibility of customising the finish in the elevator cabin, mean that elevators from SHE – Elevator are easy to integrate with the interior design of your family home.

Accessibility solution

Our accessible elevator for single-family homes SHE-004 is compliant with standard EN 81-41 and is designed to help people with reduced mobility to reach every corner of their home with ease. This breaks down any architectural barriers in your home.

Home lift 3
Home lift 4

Need more information?

If you have any questions about the advantages of an electric home lift, get in touch.

Our models of electric lifts for domestics

Home lift 5

SHE 001

Transform a limited space into an accessible home with a custom-designed home personal lift, providing convenience and mobility.

Home lift 6

SHE 002

Domestic elevator for single-family homes. Comfortable while in motion and an unbeatable price-quality ratio.

Ascensores para adosados

SHE 003

Elevator with automatic cabin doors. An excellent example of design, style, and comfort at peoples’ service

ascensor adaptado

SHE 004

Accessibility-compliant elevator. Equipped with all safety measures as required by current legislation in each country.

Home lift 7

Download our catalogue!

Download the full SHE-Elevator catalogue and find out about all the features of each our electric elevators for single-family homes.

We have elevators for homes with a solution for each space

At SHE-Elevator, we design a custom elevator for each space, whether it is a family home, commercial unit, or office.
Discover our solutions for each space.



Work centre




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Write to us for advice

Get in touch if you have any questions about installing a home lift.


How much does it cost to install a home lift?

The price of a home lift is one of the factors to consider when deciding whether or not to install an elevator at home. Technological advances have made it possible to lower the cost of installing a domestic elevator at home.

There is also help and grants available to remove architectural barriers in peoples’ homes, whether in residential buildings or private homes.

Home lift 9
Ascensores par chalets

How much does it cost to install an elevator in a private home?

There is no set price, because it depends on multiple factors, such as:

– The desired configuration in each case, as the elevators are made to measure. You can choose from different combinations of finishes for both the floor and walls in the cabin, the button panel, the handrail lighting, and even the type of doors.

– The works needed to adapt the space that will be dedicated to the elevator.

It is increasingly common for new-build homes to have a space set aside for adding these types of installations in the future. However, older homes sometimes don’t have the space needed to install the elevator and additional work is needed, unlike when there is already a 1 m2 gap to install it. 

– It also depends on the type of elevator you wish to install.

In today’s market, there are several options for domestic home lifts. The most common are hydraulic and electric models. Pneumatic elevators are somewhat less common.

To find out the exact price for installing a home lift, the installation company first needs to carry out a technical study of the space to determine what works are needed and calculate the price according to what the client needs.

Ask for a free quote with no obligation.

Home lift 10

Is it possible to install an elevator in private homes without a shaft?

In the case of single-family or home elevators, there may be no shaft or the shaft may be small. Therefore, certain works may be required to install an elevator. At SHE-Elevator, our electric elevators for single-family homes do not need a large shaft. There are also potential solutions if there is no shaft. 

Do I have to change my electrical installation to install an elevator at home?

The advantage of a SHE-Elevator is that it is a low-power home lift that works using single-phase power. Therefore, you do not need to change the electrical installation at home to have the elevator installed. Thanks to these technological advances, we have created a more efficient and low-power product, which can be seen as just another home appliance.  SHE – Elevator home lifts make it easy.

What size is a home lift?

In terms of the size of an elevator for a single-family home, 2 concepts come into play: One is the minimum gap needed in a home to install the elevator, and the other is the dimensions of the cabin.

Household lifts are made to measure. However, there are some minimum gap and cabin measurements. In terms of the gap needed for the installation, it needs to be at least 1110x950mm, and the cabin needs to be at least 800x800mm. 

In cases in which the minimum space inside the home is not available, there is the option of installing it on the outside of the home using a self-bearing structure. 

If the elevator is going to be used by a wheelchair user, the minimum gap is 1230x1220mm, and the minimum cabin size is 900x1000mm. These dimensions ensure that the elevators are perfect for installing in single-family homes.

Home lift 11

What regulations apply to elevators in single-family homes?

Single-family or domestic elevators are subject to the 2006/42 EC machinery directive in terms of manufacture, by UNE-EN 81-41/2011 regulation “Safety rules for the construction and installation of lifts”, and by Royal Decree 1644/2008.

To comply with the regulation, the elevator needs to be registered in the Registry of Elevator Devices. It must also have a valid maintenance contract with a professional maintenance company, pass an inspection from an authorised control body every six years, as well as be subject to extraordinary work in the event of an accident or significant change to the elevator’s components.

Why and when to install an elevator for a single-family home

Today, price is no longer a decisive factor when deciding whether or not to install a personal elevator in a single-family home.

We are increasingly aware of the importance of searching for comfort and quality of life at home. Added to the accessibility needs that increase as we age, SHE – Elevator is an affordable and comfortable solution for ensuring continued mobility at home.

We recommend installing a domestic lifts for houses when:

1. Multiple generations are sharing a home.
2. There are people with reduced mobility and the home has multiple floors.
3. The home has multiple levels and one or more occupants suffer from muscle problems.
4. To prevent injuries or accidents when carrying heavy objects.