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Electric home lifts that enhance your home

SHE-Elevator is a unique UK in-home mobility concept which combines style and functionality in a discreet and compact design. Rediscover your freedom and the pure pleasure of being able to move through your home.
Dive into our extensive collection of premium, space-efficient, and eco-friendly home lifts offered by SHE-Elevator. Discover the perfect electric home lift solution that harmonizes with your home and family’s needs, elevating your daily living to extraordinary heights.

Why SHE-Elevator?

Low consumption

How much do the SHE-Elevator’s domestic lift consume?

Thanks to its design and the optimization of each of its components, we achieve a single-phase lift for home, electric low consumption home lift, perfectly tailored for domestic use. It can be regarded as just another household appliance, as its energy consumption is similar.

Quick installation

How many days of installation are required?

Typically installing your home lifts takes 4-5 days and there should be no requirement to redecorate one your it is installed.
Both the components and the process of assembly of SHE-Elevator’s lifts for homes are optimized to minimize installation time and require, avoiding lengthy construction periods.

home lift installed in a house
people at home with a domestic lift

Optimized space

Our home lifts are the ideal solution for houses with limited space.
Their counterweight-free design allows for a more efficient utilization of the available surface area dedicated to the installation of the equipment, resulting in a larger cabin compared to other residential lifts brands.

Innovative design

The use of cutting-edge materials in its manufacturing, combined with sleek lines in its design, and the option to customize the car finishes, ensure that SHE-Elevator’s homelift seamlessly blend with the interior design of your home. The quality and customization possibilities allow for a perfect integration of the elevator into your living space.
Our range of domestic lifts has been created to suit different needs and budgets using knowledge gleaned from users, healthcare professionals and our own experience.

Accessibility solution

Looking to enhance accessibility in your home? Whether it’s for yourself or a family member, a SHE_Elevator lift for homes can be the perfect solution to simplify daily life. Bid farewell to the challenges of stairs and embrace the convenience of a personalized home lift, expertly crafted and tailored by SHE-Elevator, specifically for your needs and comfort.
Our SHE-004 model complies with all current regulations and is designed to enable people with reduced mobility with wheelchairs, providing an inclusive and accessible living environment for all.

Double entrance car, with automatic doors
Home lift 1

Request for more information

If you have any questions about the benefits that an electric SHE-Elevator homelift can offer you, or for a free quote, please contact us.

SHE-Elevator homelift range

 semi automatic domestic lift door

SHE 001

Especially designed to fit in areas with space limitations. Ideal to suit individual needs as well as the available space in your home.

Stepping into a she-elevator residential lift

SHE 002

Model with folding cabin doors. Comfortable during rides and with an unbeatable quality/price ratio.

 inside car of she-elevator

SHE 003

Model with automatic cabin doors. An excellent example of design, style, and comfort serving people.

she-elevator for accessibility

SHE 004

Elevator that complies with accessibility regulations like UNE 81-41 . Equipped with all safety elements according to regulations

Home lift 2

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Discover our solutions for each space

At SHE-Elevator, we design a custom elevator for each space.
Discover our solutions for every place.



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Buying a SHE-Elevator homelift?

How much does a home lift cost UK?

The price of a home lift is one of the factors to consider when deciding whether or not to install an elevator at home. Technological advances have made it possible to lower the cost of installing a domestic elevator at home.

There is also help and grants available to remove architectural barriers in people’s homes, whether in residential buildings or private homes.

Home lift 4
Ascensores par chalets

How much it costs to install a home lift ?

There is no set price, because it depends on multiple factors, such as:

– The desired configuration in each case, as the elevators are made to measure. You can choose from different combinations of finishes for both the floor and walls in the cabin, the button panel, the handrail lighting, and even the type of doors.

– The works needed to adapt the space that will be dedicated to the elevator.

It is increasingly common for new-build homes to have a space set aside for adding these types of installations in the future. However, older homes sometimes don’t have the space needed to install the elevator and additional work is needed, unlike when there is already a 1 m2 gap to install it. 

– It also depends on the type of elevator you wish to install.

In today’s market, there are several options for domestic home lifts. The most common are hydraulic and electric models. Pneumatic elevators are somewhat less common.

To find out the exact price for installing a home lift, the installation company first needs to carry out a technical study of the space to determine what works are needed and calculate the price according to what the client needs.

Ask for a free quote with no obligation.

Home lift 5

Which residential lift is best for home?

The best domestic lift for your home will depend on various factors, including the available space, the number of floors in your home, your specific mobility needs, and your budget. Some popular options to consider are: Stairlifts, platform lifts or homelifts .

Home lifts are ideal when the vertical distance to overcome is more than 3 meters. If you have more space and need more accessibility and confort , they offer an easy and convenient way to move between floors in a residential setting.

To determine the best home lift for your specific needs, it’s essential to consult with a professional lift provider who can assess your home and recommend the most suitable solution. They can also provide personalized advice and guidance based on your requirements and preferences.

To determine the best home lift for your specific needs, it’s essential to consult with a professional lift provider who can assess your home and recommend the most suitable solution. They can also provide personalized advice and guidance based on your requirements and preferences.

How much space is needed for a lift for house

When it comes to domestic lift, it is possible that either there is no pit or the pit size is really reduced. In such cases, certain adaptation works may be required to install a personal lift at home. At SHE-Elevator, our electric lift for homes require a minimal pit size.
In the case of domestic lifts for houses, there may be no shaft or the shaft may be small. Therefore, certain works may be required to install an elevator. A space as small as 1 meter by 1 meter is sufficient for the installation of SHE-Elevator.

Wich Electrical installation is needed to install a homelift?

Do I have to change my electrical installation to install a SHE-Elevator homelift?
The advantage of SHE-Elevator is that it is a low-consumption lift that operates through a single-phase power supply, so there is no need to change the electrical installation of the house to enjoy its benefits.

Thanks to technological advancements, we have achieved a more efficient and energy-saving product, now considered as just another household appliance. SHE-Elevator’s home lift make it easy for you.

Home lift 6

How does a SHE-Elevator single phase lift for home work?

She-elevator operates through a toothed belt system, which moves the cabin with utmost safety between different floors. Thanks to its electric motor, it ensures low consumption and unprecedented energy efficiency.

What size are electric lifts for homes in UK?

There are two aspects to consider: the minimum required shaft space for installation and the cabin dimensions.

Home lifts are custom-made, but there are minimum shaft and cabin size requirements. The minimum required shaft space for installation is 1110×950 mm, and the cabin dimensions are 800 x 800 mm

In cases where there is not enough space inside the home, there is the option to install the elevator externally using a self-supporting structure.

If the elevator is intended for use by a person in a wheelchair, the minimum required shaft space will be 1230×1220 mm, and the cabin dimensions will be 900×1000 mm. These dimensions make this type of elevator perfectly suitable for installation in single-family homes.

What regulations apply to electric lifts for homes in UK?

Homelifts are regulated by the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC for their manufacturing and recently by the supply of Machinery (Safety )Regulations Nº 1597 , the UNE-EN 81-41/2011 “Safety rules for the construction and installation of lifts,” for accessibility needs.

Why and when to install a home lift or domestic lift?

Currently, the price has ceased to be a decisive factor when deciding whether to install a home lift.
We are increasingly aware of the importance of seeking comfort and quality of life at home. Coupled with the growing accessibility needs that come with age, SHE-Elevator offers an affordable and convenient solution to ensure mobility within the home.

We recommend installing a domestic lift when:

Multiple generations live together, including elderly individuals and children.
There are people with reduced mobility, and the home has multiple floors.
You live in a house with multiple levels and experience muscle problems.
To prevent injuries or accidents when carrying heavy loads.