Accessible home lifts for the disabled

S.H.E 004

The SHE 004 is an accessible lifts adapted to the accessibility regulations EN 81-41, It is ideal for public buildings or commercial premises, where it is mandatory by law to have accessible elevators. The standard model of SHE 004, has mirror in cabin, vocal synthesizer, display in cabin, Autonomous rescue UPS and two-way telephone in the cabin, complying with legislation.

Unlike the other SHE-Elevator models, this accessible home lifts works through two timing belts. It has a load capacity of 400 kg. The minimum space required for installation increases to 1 550 x 1 650 mm.

Its low-consumption electrical-single-phase drive system allows it to be installed and used without increasing electrical power at home.

home lift with automatic doors
adapted elevator floor detail
elevator adapted for people with disabilities
elevator adapted
carga máxima ascensor para casas S.H.E



velocidad ascensores para casa

0,15 M/S


numero de personas máximo ascensor unifamiliar S.H.E



recorrido máximo ascensor unifamiliar S.H.E



004 Home lifts adapted 1

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