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Our main mission is to ensure that all homes are accessible.

We aim to partner with proactive and professional companies within the lift industry that have high quality and customer satisfaction standards.

We are seeking new partners both within the lift industry. We target active partners that understand and meet consumers’ high demands for design, quality and professionalism.

If your company is always trying to satisfy consumer expectations in terms of professionalism, quality, and design, your place is with us.

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These are the advantages for you

Easy assembly

By deliver everything in a single shipment, including the assembly manuals and explanation videos, as well as the lift design, assembly time is only 3-4 days and a smaller team is required.

Fast delivery

As a SHE-Elevators installer, our commitment to you is fast delivery, ensuring customer satisfaction.

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After sales service

We offer our technical advice service to help you and offer advice from day one of assembly. They will guide you and get you the information you need to make sure your installation is a success from day one.

Continuous training

We train your assembly operators. We invite you to workshops at our factory to train you and your team on all the new developments.

Single delivery

SHE-Elevators is so light that it can be delivered as a single shipment with all parts and components. This facilitates installation, avoids loss of parts, and saves space in the home until installation.

Offer configurator

Get an answer to your requests in under 24h. Now, with a computer and your personal passwords, you can configure the cabin finishes and get the layout drawings for your offers.

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Designed by SHE-Elevators

Made in Spain

Thanks to the technological advances of our R&D department and the quality materials we use in manufacturing, we have turned S.H.E lifts into a unique single-family lift on the market.

In accordance with regulations and CE certification, we have created a single-phase electric lift that is quick and easy to install, surpassing the performance of other domestic lifts, making them power-efficient and with a custom, light, and accessible design that contributes to caring for the environment.

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Technical documentation for professionals

Download all the technical documentation for the SHE-Elevators single-family lift.