Are you interested in distributing home elevators SHE in your area?

These are the advantages for you:

envíos a distribuidores

Easy assembly

Thanks to the shipment in a single package, to the assembly manuals and explanatory videos and to the elevator design itself, the assembly time is reduced to 3-4 days and the number of assemblers.

Single shipping

S.H.E is so light that shipping is done in a single package with all parts and components. This facilitates the installation, prevents the loss of parts and saves space in the house until its installation.

Fast delivery time

We are committed to you, installer of S.H.E, to an agile and fast delivery so that your client is satisfied.

estructura elevador unifamiliar

After Sales Service

Professional service We accompany you on the first assembly. On-site technical assistance, training on the installation of SHE to your assembly operators. We provide you with all the necessary information to make the installation process a success from day one.

servicio postventa del ascensor

Technical documentation for professionals.

Download all the technical documentation of the S.H.E.