Energy efficient single
home elevator

Compatible with tight spaces

S.H.E is a single-phase, easy and quick-to-install electric home elevator that exceeds the performance of elevators for private homes. It is energy efficient, accessible, environmentally friendly and offers the possibility of a personalized design.

home elevator

How much does the home elevator S.H.E consume?

Thanks to its design and the optimization of each of its elements, we achieve a low-power, single-phase electric elevator, fully adapted for domestic use.

electric lift

How many days of installation are necessary?

S.H.E revolutionizes the installation time and the necessary operators for its assembly.

Thanks to the optimization of its components and thinking about the assembly process, SHE can be installed and commissioned in less than a week.

home lift

Innovative design

Its innovative and ergonomic design with refined lines and the latest generation materials, provide an absolute integration with the home. Choice of infinite finishes and even customization of the car.

house lift

Ideal for tight spaces

Optimized space Thanks to its design without counterweight, a greater use of the useful surface for the elevator is possible, so we managed to integrate a larger cabin.

Be part of the design

Adapt it to your tastes and preferences, being able to choose the interior finish of the car or even customize it with a photograph. Due to its aesthetics it integrates perfectly with the environment of the house, also giving an extra bonus to the revaluation of the house.

home accessibility

A solution for accessibility

Our accessible S.H.E model is intended to be used by people with reduced mobility, backlit braille buttons, non-slip flooring, distances and protections.

Consumption lower than most household appliances

single-lift elevator consumption

The R&D team has worked to create a unique home lift in the market with which to achieve maximum satisfaction both in elevator installers, architects and interior designers and in the final customer.

home elevator
home elevator
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